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Nikos Anastasiadis

​Besides being obviously handsome... Nikos is an unbelievably amazing, and might I add extraordinarily talented tattoo artist... He is our main tattoo artist and our teacher on tattooing art. His biggest passion in life is tattooing and he is extremely dedicated to consistently improving upon his skills. We are very happy and proud for being in our shop and we feel like he is our family member. Nikos specializes in Neo-traditional but he is also an all around artist.

Sotiris Alexandropoulos

One more member of our team. He is a good listener and he is willing to help you with your problem. You can cry on his shoulder and open your soul to him. His dream was to become a doctor never came true, so now he is good on leaving his marks on your body.

You can trust him for your holiday memory tattoo.

Kostas Kritsotakis

Part owner of the shop and the piercer
Kostas has been practicing the fine art of tattooing and piercing since 2013. From the first day we opened our studio, Kostas knew that his approach to body piercing would ensure business success.

Kostas offers clients a safe and professional service. He prepares you for a comfortable environment with excellent bedside manners walking you through every step of your piercing experience.


Life & business partner, Yaya is the owner of the shop.

Yaya's role is part shop owner,manager,tattoo artist and loving fiancé.  Without Yaya, the shop would not run smoothly, appointments would never get made, bills would not be paid, and orders would not be placed. Chaos would reign!