The perfect piercing tool for placing septum piercings! Our Septum Clamp can be used for clamping down the septum tissue of the nose. The shape of this clamp makes ensures a secure grip on the septum tissue, so that the needle can be pushed smooth and evenly through the skin during piercing. The clamp is equipped with a small ring on one end and a small, closed tube on the other. The closed tube acts as a needle receiver and prevents surrounding tissue damage by protecting the needle tip. Our Septum Clamps are made of high quality surgical steel and feature a small tube on one end and a small ring on the other, so that the piercing needle can be easily removed straight after piercing the septum tissue.

  • Handy piercing clamp, perfect for placing septum piercings
  • Made of surgical steel
  • Smooth, matte finish
  • Total length  155mm

Piercing Clamp - Septum Type 2

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